Gabor Sziebig

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Cast parts have inconsistent geometry and grinding and deburring operations is to be carried out based on individual observation of every single workpiece. Normally, these operations are carried out manually by humans. However, due to the health risk associated with the grinding process, there is a strong incentive to explore new automated solutions. The(More)
Friction is a very old and universal issue in all mechanical systems. Since friction is non-linear, it is an ever challenging problem. Several empirical nonlinear friction models have been proposed in the technical literature. This paper does not propose any new model but it presents a new, tensor product (TP) based representation of the existing friction(More)
Programming of industrial robots is normally carried out via so-called "Teach" or "Offline" programming methodologies. Both methodologies have associated weaknesses like a high time consumption for programming on sculptured surfaces (especially "Teach"), and both methodologies cannot, at the same time, carry information of the real work piece and the ideal(More)
A new approach for industrial robot user interfaces is necessary due to the fact that small and medium sized enterprises are more interested in automation. The increasing number of robot applications in small volume production requires new techniques to ease the use of these sophisticated systems. In this paper shop floor operation is in the focus. A(More)
The paper presents a complete (animation, simulation and internet-based measurement) multimedia educational program of DC servo system for distant learning. The animation program includes screens for teaching in class and for individual study as well. The final and most important step in any kind of education in the field engineering is the measurement.(More)
This paper presents a virtual master device for telemanipulation systems, which transmists the operator's movement to the slave site not in a mechanical way, as in case of a real master device, but by image processing. The virtual master device uses cameras as sensors, subtracts the background from the images, and recognizes the skin color of the operator(More)