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Cast parts have inconsistent geometry and grinding and deburring operations is to be carried out based on individual observation of every single workpiece. Normally, these operations are carried out manually by humans. However, due to the health risk associated with the grinding process, there is a strong incentive to explore new automated solutions. The(More)
Friction is a very old and universal issue in all mechanical systems. Since friction is non-linear, it is an ever challenging problem. Several empirical nonlinear friction models have been proposed in the technical literature. This paper does not propose any new model but it presents a new, tensor product (TP) based representation of the existing friction(More)
The paper presents a complete (animation, simulation and internet-based measurement) multimedia educational program of DC servo system for distant learning. The animation program includes screens for teaching in class and for individual study as well. The final and most important step in any kind of education in the field engineering is the measurement.(More)
The paper presents a complete multimedia educational program of DC servo drive for distant learning. The program contains three parts: animation, simulation and internet-based measurement. The animation program gives the operation of DC motors as well as its time-and frequency-domain equations, transfer functions and the theoretical background necessary to(More)
TARGET is a collaborative project involving a partnership of universities and institutes of higher education in UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The project will develop tools to enhance capacity in regional manufacturing companies to adapt and embrace new technologies and innovation. This is to be done in collaboration with small/medium sized(More)
Telemanipulation (master-slave operation) was developed in order to replace human being in hazardous environment, with using a slave device (e.g. robot). In this paper many kind of master devices are studied, for the precise control. Remote control needs much information about remote environment for good and safe human-machine interaction. Existing master(More)