Gabor Szeder

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This paper presents the integration of two collective I/O techniques into the Clusterfile parallel file system: disk-directed I/O and two-phase I/O. We show that global cooperative cache management improves the collective I/O performance. The solution focuses on integrating disk parallelism with other types of parallelism: memory (by buffering and caching(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of the MPI-IO interface for the Clusterfile parallel file system. The approach offers the opportunity of achieving a high correlation between the file access patterns of parallel applications and the physical file distribution. First, any physical file distribution can be expressed by means of MPI data(More)
Unit testing focuses on testing the smallest units that comprise a software system and allows developers to detect bugs early in the development process. However, unit testing is unsuitable for detecting concurrency bugs in multi-threaded programs. Most concurrency bug detection tools work only with full programs. Hence, they can only be used at a later(More)
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