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This study addressed the possibility of a unique binding interaction between cocaine and the dopamine transporter as compared with other blockers of dopamine uptake. Cocaine binding sites in a fresh P2 fraction of mouse striatum were labeled with [3H]CFT, a phenyltropane analog of cocaine also known as WIN 35,428, and compared with sites labeled with(More)
BALB/cByJ mice received cocaine (25 mg/kg IP) once a day for 3 days, resulting in a greater locomotor response to cocaine on day 3 than on day 1. On day 4, a dose (0.03 mg/kg SC) of apomorphine, targeted at dopamine autoreceptors, caused the same degree of locomotor depression in cocaine- as in saline-pretreated mice. In addition, no change was found in(More)
We previously demonstrated that metaphit (a phencyclidine analogue with an acylating isothiocyanate group) induces occurrence of audiogenic seizures in mice exposed to audio stimulation 24 h after metaphit administration. We have studied various receptor systems associated with excitatory and inhibitory networks: sites for competitive and noncompetitive(More)
Changes in the A and C rings of morphine are usually accompanied by a substantial change in biological activity. It is known that alkylation of the hydroxyl group in the 3-position weakens the analgesic action. Codeine-a 3-O-methyl es ter of morphine-possesses only part of the analgetic properties of morphine, and at the same time, gives the same(More)
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