Gabor Nagy

4Gaspar Banfalvi
2Istvan Pocsi
2Pal Kertai
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Nonlinear state estimation is a useful approach to the monitoring of industrial (polymerization) processes. This paper investigates how this approach can be followed to the development of a soft sensor of the product quality (melt index). The bottleneck of the successful application of advanced state estimation algorithms is the identification of models(More)
A new structure classification scheme for biopolymers is introduced, which is solely based on main-chain dihedral angles. It is shown that by dividing a biopolymer into segments containing two central residues, a local classification can be performed. The method is referred to as DISICL, short for Dihedral-based Segment Identification and Classification.(More)
Cytochrome P450 2D6 is a major drug-metabolising enzyme with a wide substrate range. A single-point mutation introduced in this enzyme induces stereoselective binding of R and S-propranolol whereas the wild type has no preference. The system has previously been studied both experimentally and computationally (de Graaf et al. in Eur Biophys J 36:589–599,(More)
The stereoselective binding of R- and S-propranolol to the metabolic enzyme cytochrome P450 2D6 and its mutant F483A was studied using various computational approaches. Previously reported free-energy differences from Hamiltonian replica exchange simulations, combined with thermodynamic integration, are compared to the one-step perturbation approach,(More)
During the last decade, a major shift has begun in chemical industry, since there is an urgent need for new tools that are able to support the optimization of operating technologies. This trend is driven by the new tools of information technology. Approaches of this shift differ from company to company but one common feature is that communication between(More)
Ribosome stalling during translation has recently been shown to cause neurodegeneration, yet the signaling pathways triggered by stalled elongation complexes are unknown. To investigate these pathways we analyzed the brain of C57BL/6J-Gtpbp2(nmf205)(-/-) mice in which neuronal elongation complexes are stalled at AGA codons due to deficiencies in a(More)
Electron microscopy was used to test whether or not (a) in statu nascendi synthesized, and in situ measured, nanoparticle size does not differ significantly from the size of nanoparticles after their purification; and (b) the generation of selenium is detrimental to the bacterial strains that produce them. Elemental nano-sized selenium produced by probiotic(More)
Energy price forecasting is a relevant yet hard task in the field of multi-step time series forecasting. In this paper we compare a well-known and established method, ARMA with exogenous variables with a relatively new technique Gradient Boosting Regression. The method was tested on data from Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2014 with a year long(More)
In this paper we implement a Local Linear Regression Ensemble Committee (LOLREC) to predict 1-day-ahead returns of 453 assets form the S&P500. The estimates and the historical returns of the committees are used to compute the weights of the portfolio from the 453 stock. The proposed method outperforms benchmark portfolio selection strategies that optimize(More)
It was tested as to why low-dose methotrexate (MTX) effective against rheumatoid arthritis poses considerable health risk at higher doses. The tumorigenic potential of My1/De blast cells was followed by cytology and by the kinetics of 18FDG uptake. The toxicity of MTX on chromatin condensation was compared to predictive normal intermediates of chromosome(More)