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BACKGROUND. Findings of isolated (disseminated or circulating) tumor cells (ITC) by immunocytochemistry and molecular pathology methods have led to varied interpretations and different applications of the TNM system. METHODS. An analysis of the relevant literature was undertaken. In addition, optional proposals for the classification of ITC,(More)
Automatic search for cytokeratin/mucin-1 double immunofluorescence was performed to detect and characterize circulating epithelial tumor cells in patients with advanced breast cancer. The peripheral blood samples in 8 of 19 patients (42.1%) presented with cytokeratin-positive and epithelial-type mucin-positive (CK(+)/MUC1(+)) tumor cells. Detailed(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated whether red cell infiltration of atheromatous lesions promotes the later stages of atherosclerosis. METHODS AND RESULTS We find that oxidation of ferro (FeII) hemoglobin in ruptured advanced lesions occurs generating ferri (FeIII) hemoglobin and via more extensive oxidation ferrylhemoglobin (FeIII/FeIV=O). The protein oxidation(More)
Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) is a transmembrane protein that is overexpressed in advanced stage prostate adenocarcinomas. As a novel target for in vivo prognostic and therapeutic approaches, the distribution pattern of PSMA in primary and metastatic tumors is of significant interest. In this study we addressed the cellular distribution and(More)
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare neoplastic disease originating from cells characterized by antigen-presenting Langerhans cell phenotype. The clinical spectrum of LCH is highly variable including localized and disseminated forms mostly occurring in children. Recently, about 60% of LCHs were reported to carry the activating BRAF mutation V600E.(More)
BACKGROUND Infection by high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) plays a role in the evolution of cervical carcinoma. Cellular atypia and consecutive DNA content alterations in cytologic samples are consequences of a preexisting viral infection. METHODS We analyzed the frequency and association of HPV types and the presence of rare cells with abnormally high(More)
Eleven pediatric acute lymphoid leukemia patients were investigated for chromosomal aneuploidy by interphase cytogenetics using chromosome specific (peri)centromeric probes for all the somatic and sex chromosomes. Results were compared with metaphase cytogenetic and flow cytometric derived DNA aneuploidy data. Experiments performed on normal human cells(More)
AIM Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm (SPEN) is an uncommon pancreatic tumour. Very rarely it has also been described outside the pancreas, usually arising from heterotopic pancreatic tissue. This report summarises all the published extrapancreatic SPENs and documents the sixth such case arising from heterotopic pancreatic tissue of the transverse(More)
BACKGROUND For chronic myeloid leukemia, the FISH detection of t(9;22)(q34;q11) in interphase nuclei of peripheral leukocytes is an alternative method to bone marrow karyotyping for monitoring treatment. With automation, several drawbacks of manual analysis may be circumvented. In this article, the capabilities of a commercially available automated image(More)