Gabor C. Temes

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A switched-R-MOSFET-C filter with tunable corner frequency is described. The tunability is achieved by varying the clock duty cycle using an automatic tuning circuit. This tuning method does not involve a change in any gate voltage , and is therefore particularly suitable for low-voltage and high-linearity applications. The advantages of the proposed method(More)
—Thermal noise represents a major limitation on the performance of most electronic circuits. It is particularly important in switched circuits, such as the switched-capacitor (SC) filters widely used in mixed-mode CMOS integrated circuits. In these circuits, switching introduces a boost in the power spectral density of the thermal noise due to aliasing.(More)
  • L Wu, M Keskin, U Moon, G Temes
  • 2000
Novel common-mode feedback circuits are proposed for use in pseudo-differential switched-capacitor circuits. They can be implemented by incorporating just four additional capac-itors (and switches) for an integrator, and only two additional capacitors for a residue gain amplifier. The circuits are applicable to very low-voltage switched-capacitor stages(More)