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OBJECTIVE To investigate the patterns of occurrence of psychogenic pseudoseizures (PPS) of 45 consecutive patients during a 6-month period after diagnosis, and to determine whether psychiatric and neurologic variables identified previously in PPS patient series can predict their recurrence after diagnosis, and whether any of these variables are associated(More)
The current (synthetic) theory of evolution has been criticized on the grounds that it implies that macroevolutionary processes (speciation and morphological diversification) are gradual. The extent to which macroevolution is gradual or punctuational remains to be ascertained. Macroevolutionary processes are underlain by microevolutionary phenomena and are(More)
Charnov and Bull suggested that environmentally induced variation in adult body size coupled with sex-specific differences in fitness can select for the evolution of adaptive environmental sex determination (ESD). In this study we determine whether larval density affects sex determination in the copepod Tigriopus californicus (Baker, 1912), as predicted by(More)
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