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In this paper, a cell balancing circuit for the Lithium-ion battery string based on the Flyback topology is proposed. The proposed circuit draws the charge out of the high voltage cell and recovers it to the overall battery pack. With the selectivity of the target cell, the proposed circuit uses the minimized power path to simplify the circuit and optimize(More)
This work investigates the electric characteristics of a carbon-coated LiFePO<sub>4</sub> cell with emphasis on their specific open-circuit voltage (OCV) characteristics, which include very flat OCV curves over the state-of-charge (SOC) and pronounced hysteresis phenomena. Examining discharging/ charging OCV measurement data of a LiFePO<sub>4</sub>/C cell(More)
This paper proposes a new modulated carrier control method for an interleaved continuous conduction mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) boost converter. The proposed method allows precise sinusoidal line current shaping for a PFC boost converter operating in CCM. This is accomplished by simply comparing modulated carrier signal with switch current,(More)
In this paper, system component and arc modeling are presented, along with low frequency range analysis for dc arc fault detection. With an arc fault model consisting of a voltage source and variable resistor, the system during arcing can be described as an equivalent circuit model, which gives motivation for the proposed arc detection method. The presented(More)
Research on modification and replacement of conventional AC distribution system to DC is widely undergoing. When DC distribution is applied in a system with DC-preferred appliances, it is possible to enhance energy consumption efficiency by reducing conversion losses. Moreover, renewable energy sources and storage devices can be fully utilized because they(More)
This paper proposes a photovoltaic (PV) generation system interfaced with a dc distribution system. DC interface allows for the improvement of system efficiency by fully utilizing dc-based renewable sources and storage devices. In this paper, issues on PV interface for dc distribution systems are discussed for energy-efficient and reliable system(More)
Hot spotting is a problem in photovoltaic (PV) systems that reduces panel power performance and accelerates cell degradation. In present day systems, bypass diodes are used to mitigate hot spotting, but it does not prevent hot spotting or the damage it causes. This paper presents an active hot-spot detection method to detect hot spotting within a series of(More)
H-bridge converter with additional switch legs (HA converter) and its offspring circuit are proposed in this paper with the intent to reduce the common mode noise. The proposed topology connects grounds of the input and output terminals, which gives zero common mode current in the ideal case. The operation of the proposed circuit is flexible and allows for(More)
In this paper, a digitally controlled photovoltaic (PV) micro-converter for dc distribution with sensing no current is presented. Current information for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is estimated from system parameters, which leads to reducing power losses caused in sensing current and the number of components. Operation analysis of boundary(More)
This paper presents a dc arc protection scheme for a dc distribution system. The location of arc fault detectors (AFD) and interrupting devices (ID) for system safety guarantee is discussed. Through the proposed scheme, the dc distribution system is protected from arc faults occurring in photovoltaic (PV) sources and load sides. Operation principle is(More)