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The complete chloroplast genome of Gentiana straminea (Gentianaceae), an endemic species to the Sino-Himalayan subregion.
Endemic to the Sino-Himalayan subregion, the medicinal alpine plant Gentiana straminea is a threatened species. The genetic and molecular data about it is deficient. Here we report the completeExpand
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The Complete Chloroplast Genome of Ye-Xing-Ba (Scrophularia dentata; Scrophulariaceae), an Alpine Tibetan Herb
Scrophularia dentata is an important Tibetan medicinal plant and traditionally used for the treatment of exanthema and fever in Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). However, there is little sequenceExpand
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Chloroplast genome structures in Gentiana (Gentianaceae), based on three medicinal alpine plants used in Tibetan herbal medicine
The genus Gentiana is the largest in the Gentianaceae family with ca. 400 species. However, with most species growing on the Qinghai–Tibet plateau, the processes of adaptive evolution and speciationExpand
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Iridoid glycosides isolated from Scrophularia dentata Royle ex Benth. and their anti-inflammatory activity.
Scrodentosides A-E (1-5), five new acylated iridoid glycosides, together with 19 known ones, were isolated from the whole plant of Scrophularia dentata Royle ex Benth. The structures of theseExpand
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19(4→3)-abeo-abietane diterpenoids from Scrophularia dentata Royle ex Benth.
Five 19(4→3)-abeo-abietane diterpenoids, scrodentoids A-E (1-5), were isolated from the whole plant of Scrophularia dentata. Planar structures of scrodentoids A-E were elucidated mainly by using 1D,Expand
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Identification of medicinal plants used as Tibetan Traditional Medicine jie-ji.
AIM OF THE STUDY Based on the authors' collection of specimens used as jie-ji in local Tibetan areas, China, and taxonomic determination, this paper aims to give a list of medicinal plants as jie-ji,Expand
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Two new phenylpropanoid glycosides with interesterification from Scrophularia dentata Royle ex Benth
Abstract Two new phenylpropanoid glycosides (1–2), along with seven known ones (3–9), were isolated from the whole plant of Scrophularia dentata Royle ex Benth. Their structures were elucidated byExpand
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A strategy for identifying six species of Sect.Cruciata(Gentiana) in Gansu using DNA barcode sequences
: Located in the transition zone between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau, Gansu province is one of the distribution centers of Sect. Cruciata, Gentiana (Gentianaceae) in China. SixExpand
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Identification of medicinal plants based on mitochondrial DNA sequences
Mitochondrion is one of the vital organelles in plants. Combined with chloroplast and nuclear genomes, mitochondrial DNA could be used to deduce the evolution of species more correctly. In thisExpand
常用藏药之一“巴莴色保”,根入药,治疗“黄水病”等。在民族植物学考察基础上,首次确定其基原植物的系统学位置——龙胆科獐牙菜属轮叶獐牙菜Swertia verticillifolia T.N.Ho et S.W.Liu;物种鉴定要点:基生叶发达,茎生叶轮生;花冠钟状,黄绿色,4裂,每裂片具裸露腺窝1。作为我国高山特有物种,首次得到其叶绿体全基因组序列:全长为151 682Expand