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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are gaining tremendous importance thanks to their broad range of commercial applications such as in smart home automation, health-care and industrial automation. In these applications multi-vendor and heterogeneous sensor nodes are deployed. Due to strict administrative control over the specific WSN domains, communication(More)
Wireless sensor networks have recently been extensively researched due to the flexibility and cost savings they provide. One of the most promising applications of sensor networks is human health monitoring: wireless sensors are placed on the human body to form a wireless body network where the sensor node can continuously monitor real-time physiological(More)
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Ubiquitous technology through sensor networks is being applied to numerous industrial fields specially to increase the quality of human life (QoL). Therefore, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) lossless data is one of the communications challenges to provide accurate data. Although, end-to-end data retransmission has evolved as a reliable transportation in(More)
The chief predicament against the accomplishment of key setup in sensor networks is the de cient fraction of the keys shared between the neighboring nodes, and the efforts to keep the nodes around their expected position becomes more inadequate in many applications. In this paper, we have focused our attention on a progressing exible polynomial(More)
Big Data is used to find new value and brings us several benefits, which we didn't know before. Various analytics has been studied in Big Data area for benefits. Moreover, to reduce analysis time and to support real-time service to user, distributed processing can be an alternative solution. Big Data also requires high performance resource for distributed(More)
Recent developments in wireless technology have provided rapid progress in real time wireless sensor network technology, for time critical applications such wearable health care devices weather prediction and traffic monitoring etc. the communication in wireless networks is much difficult than wired networks, because of complexity in synchronization caused(More)
This research discusses a system architecture that comes up with potentially better resiliency and faster recovery from failures based on the renowned genetic algorithm. Additionally, we aim to achieve a globally optimized performance as well as a service solution that can remain financially and operationally balanced according to customer preferences. The(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), lossless data is one of the crucial parts for transmission between communicating nodes. Though End-to-End data retransmission has evolved as a reliable transportation in the Internet, this method becomes inefficient in WSNs due to wireless communication, and resource-constrained sensor nodes (hardware- and power-(More)