Gaëtane R Picard

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Improvement of a patient's essential tremor (ET) after a stroke has rarely been reported. In such patients, cerebral imaging could help to identify structures involved in the maintenance of ET and improves the knowledge of its physiopathology. This article reports the disappearance of ET, after a stroke in 4 patients and reviews similar previously published(More)
As a rule, prophylactic antibiotics should only be given pre- or perioperatively as a single shot. Cephalosporins of the first and second generation are still quite effective and appear to be the most widely used drugs for this purpose. In some cases a second drug, like i.e. metronidazole, can be added. For each surgical specialty, the most appropriate(More)
We conducted a survey regarding the medical care of patients with dementia in expert settings in Belgium. Open, unrestricted and motivated answers were centralized, blindly interpreted and structured into categories. The report of the results was then submitted to the participants in subsequent plenary meetings and through email. Fourteen experts responded(More)
Antibiotic therapy in outpatient surgical care is reviewed. In the first section some skin and soft-tissue infections are discussed, where antibiotics are likely to achieve clinical cure. In the second section we examine, where surgical treatment alone is essential for successful eradication of the infection. Wound management, where antibiotics are still(More)
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