Gaëtan Lehmann

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BACKGROUND In the mouse zygote, DNA methylation patterns are heavily modified, and differ between the maternal and paternal pronucleus. Demethylation of the paternal genome has been described as an active and replication-independent process, although the mechanisms responsible for it remain elusive. Recently, 5-hydroxymethylcytosine has been suggested as an(More)
In eukaryotes, the interphase nucleus is organized in morphologically and/or functionally distinct nuclear "compartments". Numerous studies highlight functional relationships between the spatial organization of the nucleus and gene regulation. This raises the question of whether nuclear organization principles exist and, if so, whether they are identical in(More)
Whey acidic protein (WAP) and casein (CSN) genes are among the most highly expressed milk protein genes in the mammary gland of the lactating mouse. Their tissue-specific regulation depends on the activation and recruitment of transcription factors, and chromatin modifications in response to hormonal stimulation. We have investigated if another mechanism,(More)
Efficient reprograming of the donor cell genome in nuclear transfer (NT) embryos is linked to the ability of the embryos to sustain full-term development. As the nuclear architecture has recently emerged as a key factor in the regulation of gene expression, we questioned whether early bovine embryos obtained from transfer of cultured fibroblasts into(More)
Characterization of facets of particles is a common problem. In this paper an algorithm is presented which allows automated quantitative 3D analysis of facets of many particles within tomographic datasets. The algorithm is based on the analysis of probability distributions of the orientations of triangle normals of mesh representations. The result consists(More)
Introduction: The key functionality required in OTDM network nodes is add-drop multiplexing [1]. In an add-drop node a low bit rate single data channel will be separated (drop function) from an incoming high bit rate data stream. Simultaneously the remaining data channels should be left undisturbed (through function), and in the remaining vacant time slot a(More)
A new type of transient photonic crystals for high-power lasers is presented. The crystal is produced by counterpropagating laser beams in plasma. Trapped electrons and electrically forced ions generate a strong density grating. The lifetime of the transient photonic crystal is determined by the ballistic motion of ions. The robustness of the photonic(More)
A well-known no-energy-gain theorem states that an electron cannot gain energy when being overrun by a plane (transverse) laser pulse of finite length. The theorem is based on symmetries which are broken when radiation reaction (RR) is included. It is shown here that an electron, e.g., being initially at rest, will gain a positive velocity component in the(More)
The cubic (high temperature) phase of some langbeinites, A2 B 2 + (S0 4 ) 3 with 11 different combinations of A and B type cations, doped with Mn 2 + , is investigated by EPR. Powder or single crystal spectra are measured at X-band. They indicate centers of axial symmetry in all cases. In 6 of the langbeinites two centers are found which differ considerably(More)
Based on a relativistic Maxwell-fluid description, the existence of ultrarelativistic laser-induced periodic waves in an electron-ion plasma is investigated. Within a one-dimensional propagation geometry nonlinear coupling of the electromagnetic and electrostatic components occurs that makes the fourth-order problem nonintegrable. A Hamiltonian description(More)