Gaëlle Semard

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It is important to develop methods of optimizing the selection of column sets and operating conditions for comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. A new method for the calculation of the percentage of separation space used was developed using Delaunay's triangulation algorithms (convex hull). This approach was compared with an existing method and(More)
The modulator is the key point of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC). This interface ensures the sampling and transfer of the sample from the first to the second dimension. Many systems based on different principles have been developed. However, to our knowledge, almost only cryogenic modulators are used in the petroleum industry.(More)
The list of priority chemicals included in various regulations such as the European Water Framework Directive, as well as the list of hazardous contaminants identified in the aquatic environment, are increasing at an accelerated pace. Therefore, there is a need for broad spectrum methods capable of simultaneously determining hundreds, if not thousands, of(More)
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