Gaëlle Saint-Auret

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Retinoic acid-related Orphan Receptor alpha (RORα; NR1F1) is a widely distributed nuclear receptor involved in several (patho)physiological functions including lipid metabolism, inflammation, angiogenesis, and circadian rhythm. To better understand the role of this nuclear receptor in liver, we aimed at displaying genes controlled by RORα in liver cells by(More)
AIMS Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) results from cirrhosis and, in Western Europe, hepatitis C virus and alcoholism are the predominant causes of this disease. We recently documented a global transcript repression in hepatocarcinoma nodules. The tumour suppressor activated pathway-6 (TSAP6) transcript codes for a transmembrane molecule that is an inducer of(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS C/EBPbeta is an important mediator of several cellular processes, such as differentiation, proliferation, and survival of hepatic cells. However, a complete catalog of the targets of C/EBPbeta or the mechanism by which this transcription factor regulates certain liver-dependent pathways has not been clearly determined. Two major natural(More)
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