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This paper develops a novel framework to compute a projected Generalized Stein Unbiased Risk Estimator (GSURE) for a wide class of sparsely regularized solutions of inverse problems. This class includes arbitrary convex data fidelities with both analysis and synthesis mixed 1 − 2 norms. The GSURE necessitates to compute the (weak) derivative of a solution(More)
15 Root-knot nematodes are a growing concern for vegetable producers, because chemical 16 nematicides are gradually disappearing. Alternative techniques based on agronomic practices 17 are needed to solve the problem. This review analyzes the most recent studies related to these 18 techniques and their combinations and identifies the most effective ones.(More)
This paper proposes greedy numerical schemes to compute lower bounds of the restricted isometry constants that are central in compressed sensing theory. Matrices with small restricted isometry constants enable stable recovery from a small set of random linear measurements. We challenge this compressed sampling recovery using greedy pursuit algorithms that(More)
Passive immunization of pregnant rats with a specific antiserum to rat GRF (GRF-AS) is followed by a decrease in fetal serum GH on the 19th day of gestation. A significant reduction in serum GH is still observed in older fetuses and newborn rats. Pituitary GH content increases in 19- and 20-day-old fetuses after GRF-AS administration to their mothers. These(More)
In order to better understand the mechanisms underlying the reduction in growth hormone (GH) secretion in diabetic rats, we studied hypothalamic somatostatin secretion both in vivo (into hypophysial portal blood) and in vitro (from hypothalamic fragments) 5, 9 and 30 days after induction of diabetes. Experimental diabetes was induced by an intraperitoneal(More)
It is possible to assay hypothalamic factors in hypophysial portal blood from several species. However, hypophysial portal blood collection must be performed after anesthesia and surgical stress which can both modify the regulation of hypothalamo-pituitary secretion. However, this method has allowed some progress in our knowledge of the hypothalamic control(More)
GH secretory bursts are due to the combination of a pulsatile GRF release and a decreased Somatostatin secretion in hypophysial portal blood. In the intermediary periods, low plasma GH levels depend on the tonic release of hypothalamic Somatostatin. Experimental studies suggest that alterations in hypothalamic Somatostatin are involved in changes of GH(More)
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