Gaëlle Lehoucq

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We demonstrate dispersion tailoring by coupling the even and the odd modes in a line-defect photonic crystal waveguide. Coupling is determined ab-initio using group theory analysis, rather than by trial-error optimisation of the design parameters. A family of dispersion curves is generated by controlling a single geometrical parameter. This concept is(More)
Single photons are of paramount importance to future quantum technologies, including quantum communication and computation. Nonlinear photonic devices using parametric processes offer a straightforward route to generating photons, however additional nonlinear processes may come into play and interfere with these sources. Here we analyse spontaneous(More)
Solitons are localized waves formed by a balance of focusing and defocusing effects. These nonlinear waves exist in diverse forms of matter yet exhibit similar properties including stability, periodic recurrence and particle-like trajectories. One important property is soliton fission, a process by which an energetic higher-order soliton breaks apart due to(More)
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