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In this paper, a novel method for repeated sequence detection in an audiovisual TV broadcast is proposed. This method is required for TV broadcast macro-segmentation that is at the root of many novel services related to TV broadcast and in particular to the TV-on-Demand service. Repeated sequence detection allows inter-program detection (commercials,(More)
2009: Halifax Harbour extreme water levels in the context of climate change: scenarios for a 100-year planning horizon, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 6346, iv+22 p. Open Files are products that have not gone through the GSC formal publication process.
In this paper, we study different approaches for TV broadcast macro-segmentation. This is needed in many novel services such as TV-on-Demand. TV broadcast macro-segmentation can be performed using either the metadata associated with the stream or by directly analyzing the audiovisual stream. This paper presents both approaches and analyzes their advantages(More)
Security is one of the main challenges that developers of information systems face. However, current methodologies for information system development do not provide enough evidence of integrating successfully security concerns throughout the whole range of the development process. In this paper, we provide an approach towards the solution of two of the(More)