Gaël Dréan

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In order to establish a sagittal plane curve reference table for standing subjects examined laterally, we determined an easily reproducible standard posture. A sample of 100 healthy subjects from 20 to 29 years of age, was chosen (43 women, 57 men). The reciprocal angulations of each vertebral body in relation to the others were fed into a digitalizer and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Adjuvant treatments can be proposed in addition to surgery for patients with chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) in order to improve the postoperative outcome. According to the survey published in 2001 by the Neurosurgery French Society, 38% of French neurosurgeons use adjuvant corticosteroid therapy after surgery. Does this adjuvant(More)
Two cases of Brown-Sequard syndrome following a stab wound of the cervical spinal cord are reported. Spinal cord hemisection was confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging and surgical exploration. Both patients presented leakage of the cerebrospinal fluid and underwent surgical repair. In the first case, the pia-mater was sutured to close the wound and(More)
CASE REPORT A case of the antenatal diagnosis of a craniopharyngioma with radical surgery in the neonatal period is reported. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE We have reviewed the literature of such cases in an attempt to isolate specific features in this age group and to determine the appropriate management. Only six cases of the truly antenatal diagnosis of(More)
In prostate cancer radiotherapy the association between the dose distribution and the occurrence of undesirable side-effects is yet to be revealed. In this work a method to perform population analysis by comparing the dose distributions is proposed. The method is a tensor-based approach that generalises an existing method for 2D images and allows for the(More)
Neuroepithelial dysembryoplastic tumor (DNT) is usually considered as a supratentorial benign neoplasm. DNT of the posterior fossa is a very rare entity and only four previous cases were reported in the literature. We describe a case of a 26-Year-old woman presenting recurrent episodes of vertigo. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed four cystic lesions(More)
In external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer limiting toxicities for dose escalation are bladder and rectum toxicities. Normal tissue complication probability models aim at quantifying the risk of developping adverse events following radiotherapy. These models, originally proposed in the context of uniform irradiation, have evolved to implementations(More)
The understanding of dose/side-effects relationships in prostate cancer radiotherapy is crucial to define appropriate individual's constraints for the therapy planning. Most of the existing methods to predict side-effects do not fully exploit the rich spatial information conveyed by the three-dimensional planned dose distributions. We propose a new(More)