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Ridges are observed on epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Atomic resolution imaging reveals that they are in fact bulged regions of the graphene layer, occurring as a result of bending and buckling to relieve the compressive strain. Furthermore, their length, direction, and distribution can be manipulated, and new(More)
Using scanning tunneling microscopy with Fe-coated W tips and first-principles calculations, we show that the interface of epitaxial graphene/SiC(0001) is a warped graphene layer with hexagon-pentagon-heptagon (H(5,6,7)) defects that break the honeycomb symmetry, thereby inducing a gap and states below E(F near the K point. Although the next graphene layer(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the preventive effect of tetrandrine (TET) on pancreatic islet beta cells damaged by alloxan in rats with HE, Gomori aldehyde fuchsine staining and immunocytochemistry. METHODS Animal diabetic models were prepared with alloxan (50 mg/kg i.v.). Pancreatic islet beta cells density (BD) in the section of HRP-SPA immunocytochemistry(More)
In recent years there has been considerable interest in asymmetrical multiple quantum wells systems because new devices could be developed based on inter-subband transitions. This feature could fulfill the necessity for efficient sources of coherent mid-infrared radiation for the applications in several branches of the science of the communications, radars,(More)
The initial growth stage of the single-crystalline Sb and Co nanowires with preferential orientation was studied, which were synthesized in porous anodic alumina membranes by the pulsed electrodeposition technique. It was revealed that the initial growth of the nanowires is a three-dimensional nucleation process, and then gradually transforms to(More)
The interactive effects of light intensity and controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer (CRNF) supply on growth, gas exchange, and chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence parameters of two species of potted Hosta seedlings, original species of the genus Hosta in China, were studied. N4 (4 g of CRNF per pot), N8 (8 g of CRNF per pot), and sometimes N12 (12 g of CRNF(More)
We report the direct imaging of standing waves on a GaN(0001)-pseudo (1 × 1) metallic surface, which consists of two atomic Ga layers with the top layer incommensurate. Two types of periodic oscillation are observed by scanning tunneling microscopy at room temperature. The longer wavelength standing waves are due to electron scattering by(More)
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