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We studied the pharmacokinetic features, immunogenicity, and toxicity of B43-pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP) immunotoxin in 13 cynomolgus monkeys. The disposition of B43-PAP in two monkeys, when administered as a single i.v. bolus dose, was characterized by a slow clearance (1-2 ml/h/kg) with a very discrete peripheral distribution. B43-PAP was retained(More)
Changes in gonadotropins, progesterone, cortisol, DHA, and DHAS were monitored in 10 female rhesus monkeys (Days 20-23 of the menstrual cycle) subjected to cage restraint with or without ketamine anesthesia for successive venipunctures. All animals were bled without sedation for 2 hr at 30-min intervals. Then 4 of the animals were anesthetized with(More)
To assess a possible regulatory influence of opioids upon anterior pituitary function in the chimpanzee, we evaluated the effects of the specific opiate receptor antagonist naloxone and the agonistic enkephalin analog [D-Ala2, MePhe4,Met(o)-ol]enkephalin (FK 33-824; Sandoz) on serum levels of PRL, cortisol, FSH, and LH. Under ketamine anesthesia, the(More)
It has been demonstrated that three subgroups of poor readers have a number of unique behavioral characteristics on intelligence, psycholinguistics, and achievement. The present research explored whether further unique behavioral patterns could be delineated between the groups when considering the dimension of personality. The subjects were 64 children(More)
This study investigated whether normals, personality disorders, psychotics and organics could be differentiated by the Minnesota Percepto-Diagnostic Test. There were significant differences between all the groups except the psychotics and personality disorders. It appears that, in general, perceptual disturbance lies along a pathological continuum. Similar(More)
This investigation compared the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III with the Wide Range Achievement Test-3 for a sample of 60 children and youth who were referred for special education services. Pearson product-moment correlations for the criterion measures for the WRAT-3 showed a significant positive association with the WISC-III scores.(More)
60 adult patients with focal cerebrovascular accidents (30 with left cerebral hemisphere lesions, 30 with right cerebral lesions) and 30 adults with Alzheimer disease were compared to 30 normal adults on the Minnesota Percepto-Diagnostic Test--Revised (MPD--R). The regular scoring variables plus the two-step method of diagnosis for brain damage with the(More)
A potential inhibitory role of endogenous opioids in the gonadotropin decline from infancy to the prepubertal period in primates was assessed by examining the effect of the specific opioid antagonist naltrexone on gonadotropin levels in infant rhesus monkeys. Paradoxically, both chronic administration of naltrexone to neonatally castrate males as well as(More)