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The paper reports a new method for three-dimensional observation of the location of focused particle streams along both the depth and width of the channel cross-section in spiral inertial microfluidic systems. The results confirm that particles are focused near the top and bottom walls of the microchannel cross-section, revealing clear insights on the(More)
Microfiltration is a ubiquitous and often crucial part of many industrial processes, including biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Yet, all existing filtration systems suffer from the issue of membrane clogging, which fundamentally limits the efficiency and reliability of the filtration process. Herein, we report the development of a membrane-less(More)
Tumour self-seeding by circulating tumour cells (CTCs) enhances tumour progression and recurrence. Previously, we demonstrated that tumour self-seeding by CTCs occurs in osteosarcoma and revealed that interleukin-6 (IL-6) may promote CTC attraction. Here, we investigated the underlying mechanisms of IL-6 in tumour self-seeding by CTCs. IL-6 suppression(More)
Mechanical properties of cells can be correlated with various cell states and are now considered as an important biophysical marker. While there are many microfluidic and other techniques emerged recently to assay cell mechanical properties, most of them are affected by the inherent cell size variation of a given cell population. In this work, we present a(More)
CXCR4 is expressed at primary and metastatic sites of osteosarcoma. We developed a novel CXCR4-targeted near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent imaging agent (referred to as CXCR4-IR-783). The binding to representative osteosarcoma cells (F5M2 and F4 for high- and low- CXCR4 expression) was examined. CXCR4-IR-783 fluorescence was also examined in a mouse xenograft(More)
To determine the clinical significance of C‑X‑C chemokine receptor type 4 (CXCR4) and β-catenin in osteosarcoma, their protein expression levels were assessed in 96 osteosarcoma and 20 osteochondroma cases using immunohistochemistry. Additionally, CXCR4 and β-catenin mRNA expression levels were measured in 16 fresh osteosar-coma and 16 adjacent healthy(More)
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