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SLAC has developed a multi-physics simulation code TEM3P for simulating integrated effects of electromagnetic, thermal and structural loads. TEM3P shares the same software infrastructure with SLAC's paralell finite element electromagnetic codes, thus enabling all physics simulations within a single framework. The finite-element approach allows(More)
Our meta-analysis assessed the efficacy of statins on the risk of fracture, bone mineral density (BMD), and the markers of bone metabolism by collecting data from 33 clinical trials. We found that statin treatment was associated with bone metabolism. And statins seemed to be more effective on male patients with osteoporosis. The efficacy of statins for the(More)
The present study aimed to assess the value of endoscopic jejunostomy for post-biliary intestinal anastomosis biliary complications. The clinical data of the endoscopic therapies by jejunal approach for post-biliary intestinal anas-tomosis biliary complications in 13 patients (16 surgeries in total) were retrospectively analyzed. The surgical success rate(More)
In this meta-analysis, we evaluated the association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH) vitamin D) level and the risk of total fractures and hip fractures. Low serum 25(OH) vitamin D level is associated with an increased risk of total and hip fractures. Data on the association between serum 25(OH) vitamin D level and the risk of fractures are(More)
Dear Editor, We sincerely thank Donzelli and colleagues [1] for their comments on our work [2]. Regarding the comments, we would like to reply as follows. Firstly, the healthy adherer was first proposed in 1980 when the healthy adherer effect which offered protection from cardiovascular events and mortality [3]. Subsequently, some randomized clinical trials(More)
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