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A mixture of gangliosides (Cronassial) protects against the chronic but not the acute lethal toxicity of vincristine in mice and affords some protection against the acute lethal toxicity of vincristine in chicks. The protective effect of Cronassial appears to be greatest near the LD50 of vincristine and then diminishes as the dose of vincristine increases(More)
AT1727 was tested on 5 different murine tumour systems. Compared with its analogue, razoxane, AT1727 was less effective at multiple low doses against sarcoma 180 and L1210 leukaemia. A single high-dose treatment with AT1727 was, however, more active than razoxane. AT1727 inhibited the growth of the Lewis lung primary tumour and significantly reduced the(More)
The role of antiplatelet drugs in relation to their potential antimetastatic activities has been reviewed and the effects of two pyrimido-pyrimidine derivatives (RX-RA69 and RX-RA85) with strong antiplatelet activities investigated in metastasizing tumour models. The routes of administration and drug dosages were always chosen in such a way that good(More)
Analyses of terrestrial sources of sodium and estimates of the sodium requirement of moose (Alces alces) on Isle Royale, Lake Superior, suggest that availability of the element controls the moose population. The terrestrial vegetation is very poor in the element, but, as elsewhere, submerged and floating leaved water-plants are relatively rich. Consumption(More)
A n improved two-compartment model for the kinetics of uptake and release of a radioactive tracer in small aquatic animals is presented. Parameters of the model are estimated from experimental results for D . magna fed high and low concentrations of , 4 C-label led algae. The relative size of the "metabol ic " pool appears to be independent of the food(More)