GM Prashant

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BACKGROUND The fracture of acrylic resin denture is rather common occurrence and causes inconvenience to the patients. This study was carried out to evaluate and compare the impact strength and fracture morphology of four different heat cure acrylic materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS Acrylic resin specimens were prepared using preformed metal die of(More)
CONTEXT Several studies have demonstrated the activity of natural plants on the dental biofilm and caries development. But few studies on the antimicrobial activity of coffee-based solutions were found in the literature. Further there was no study available to check the antimicrobial effect of coffee solutions with different percentages of chicory in it. (More)
BACKGROUND Interactions between oral and systemic health are bi-directional and complex, involving many pathways. The orphans have been sympathized with, ignored, vitrified or even hidden away in the community. Hence, providing health care services for orphans remains a challenge. Oral health education has a positive impact in lowering plaque and gingivitis(More)
OBJECTIVES Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to combat periodontal diseases. The use of tooth brush alone does not serve the purpose, especially in inaccessible areas like proximal embrasures, which demand the use of some adjuncts like proximal cleaning aids. Hence, the objective of this study was to compare the clinical efficacy of two(More)
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