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UNLABELLED The present study examined factors for workplace improvement and continuing professional development (CPD) for Swedish dental hygienists. Seventy-one per cent of 577 randomly selected members of Sweden's Dental Hygienist Association responded to a questionnaire. The chi-square test, Spearman's rank correlation, and multiple stepwise logistic(More)
There has been limited information concerning the prevalence of radiologically evident parenchymal and pleural fibrosis consistent with prior exposure to asbestos among merchant marine seamen, despite the wide use of asbestos in ship construction until the late 1970s and subsequent exposure of seamen to the asbestos that had been installed. A total of 3324(More)
BACKGROUND Previous reviews of tae kwon do (TKD) tournaments have documented injury rates of 25/1000 to 12.7/100 athlete exposures. Most injuries have been reported to be to the head and the neck and are occasionally very serious. Many of these studies involved high level TKD competitions with minimal safety precautions. Recently, safety measures have been(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer is a major cause of death in children worldwide, and the recorded incidence tends to increase with time. Internationally comparable data on childhood cancer incidence in the past two decades are scarce. This study aimed to provide internationally comparable local data on the incidence of childhood cancer to promote research of causes and(More)
Self-help support groups for medical students represent one strategy for dealing with the emotional stresses of medical training and the diminished human sensitivity of students that often accompanies that experience. Support groups at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine were evaluated by 26 students who completed a nine-part questionnaire. The(More)
A cancer-prevention mini-course was designed to increase knowledge about breast and cervical cancers as well as to improve attitudes and behaviors regarding preventive health care among minority and medically underserved women. The culturally-sensitive two-hour psycho-educational intervention was developed as an interactive curriculum in English- and(More)
On the basis of data obtained from different sources, the incidence of clinical otosclerosis in Sweden in the year 1981 was estimated to be 6.1 cases per 100,000 population. This figure is lower than others reported previously. The annual incidence of stapedectomies is 8.3 per 100,000 population.
The authors briefly describe biofeedback techniques such as EMG feedback, temperature feedback, and heart rate feedback, along with reports from the literature about their application to specific problems such as subvocalization while reading, Raynaud's disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and epilepsy. Many clinical applications of biofeedback are aimed at(More)
To determine whether age affected the attitudes of patients to intensive care, we administered a questionnaire to 57 patients who had been hospitalized in our ICU or coronary care unit (CCU). The 28 men and 29 women ranged in age from 20 to 92 yr (mean 58.4). Nineteen patients were greater than or equal to 70 yr and nine were greater than or equal to 80 yr.(More)