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Investigations of indoor air pollution by different heating systems in private homes are described. Sixteen homes, 7 with coal burning, 1 with open fireplace (wood burning) and 8 with central heating have been investigated. We measured the concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sedimented dust in indoor air, of total suspended particulates,(More)
Statistics of estimates of bicoherence and biphase were obtained from numerical simulations of nonlinear random (harmonic) processes with known true bicoherence and biphase. Expressions for the bias, variance, and probability distributions of estimates of bicoherence and biphase as functions of the true bicoherence and number of degrees of freedom (dof)(More)
The decay of ozone in indoor air was measured in a closed chamber after contact with different building materials and residential surfaces. The tested materials were: vinyl wall paper, woodchip paper, plywood, latex paint, fitted carpet, and plaster. In the summer of 1996, the entry of ozone from ambient air into indoor air during ventilation and the ozone(More)
The scanning tunneling microscope has been used to image and modify the surface of a conducting oxide (Rb(0.3)MoO(3))in ambient atmosphere. Individual octahedral MoO(6) units of the oxide can be imaged, and under certain conditions defects can be created in the surface that are stable in air. The ability to produce nanometer-sized structures on the surface(More)
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