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Purified antibodies to the thick filament accessory proteins, C-protein, X-protein and H-protein, have been used to label fibres of three rabbit muscles, psoas (containing mainly fast white fibres), soleus (containing mainly slow red fibres) and plantaris (a muscle of mixed fibre type) and their location has been examined by electron microscopy. These(More)
The locations of C-protein, H-protein and X-protein in rabbit psoas, plantaris and soleus muscles have been investigated with fluorescently tagged specific antibodies. Two systems have been examined: isolated myofibrils allowed the locations of these proteins within the sarcomere to be determined, while cryosections allowed a comparison of the amounts of(More)
We present a fast, low-cost approach to measure battery impedance 'on-line' in a vehicle across a range of frequencies (1-2000 Hz). Impedance measurement has promise for improving battery management since it is a very effective non-invasive method of diagnosing the internal state of an electrochemical cell. It is useful for estimating temperature, ageing,(More)
The ability of the beta-adrenoceptor agonist isoprenaline to inhibit agonist-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism was examined in bovine tracheal smooth muscle slices prelabelled with [3H]inositol. Accumulation of [3H]inositol phosphates was enhanced by the muscarinic agonists carbachol, oxotremorine and pilocarpine although the latter were only partial(More)
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