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The response of calcium regulating hormones in a patient with hypomagnesaemic hypoparathyroidism was assessed during magnesium infusion. Magnesium repletion was accompanied by prompt restoration of PTH secretion which subsequently stimulated 1,25-diOHD3 production, thus correcting hypocalcaemia. Further, failure of the patient to respond to previous 1(More)
Gastric acid secretion, pepsin secretion, and fasting serum gastrin levels were measured in 23 patients with duodenal ulcer disease, divided into three groups which received either cimetidine 800 mg daily, cimetidine 1600 mg daily, or ranitidine hydrochloride 300 mg daily for eight weeks. Pentagastrin tests were carried out at intervals both before and(More)
Three pH electrodes in clinical use were examined--(1) antimony electrode with remote reference electrode (Synectics 0011), (2) glass electrode with remote reference electrode (Microelectrodes Inc. MI 506) and (3) combined glass electrode with integral reference electrode (Radiometer GK2801C). In vitro studies showed that both glass electrodes were similar(More)
In healthy human volunteers, a single oral dose of enprostil (35 micrograms) inhibited basal gastric acid output by a mean of 71 percent, pentagastrin-stimulated output by 46 percent, sham-meal-stimulated output by 48 percent, and histamine-stimulated output by 16 percent. In each case, there was a reduction in both the volume and acidity of the gastric(More)