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In patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD), the diagnosis of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia is usually made after excluding, among other conditions, connective tissue diseases (CTDs). Although in most patients with a CTD and respiratory symptoms, the systemic nature of the disease is obvious, the ILD-related manifestations in CTDs may often(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess long-term survival, functional status, and quality of life in patients who experienced cardiac arrest after cardiac surgery. DESIGN Prospective, observational study. SETTING An 18-bed, adult cardiac surgery intensive care unit in a tertiary teaching center. PATIENTS Twenty-nine cardiac surgery patients who suffered an unexpected(More)
Iron deposition in the respiratory system has been proposed as a potential cause of the ventilatory restrictive impairment seen in patients with thalassaemia major (TM) and iron overload. In this study, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurements of the liver (T2 relaxation time) were used as a surrogate index of total body iron burden and the extent to(More)
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