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Bacteria capable of aerobic respiration on ferrous ions are spread throughout eubacterial and archaebacterial phyla. Comparative spectroscopic analyses revealed that phylogenetically distinct organisms expressed copious quantities of spectrally distinct redox-active biomolecules during autotrophic growth on soluble iron. Thiobacillus ferroxidans,(More)
In order to increase the retention of drug activity, regiospecific coupling has been used to synthesize conjugates of methotrexate (MTX, 1) with normal rabbit IgG (NRG) and a mouse anti-human renal cancer monoclonal IgG (Dal K-20). MTX gamma-methyl ester (4) was produced either by selective esterification of MTX or by coupling of(More)
The freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis (L. stagnalis) has served as a successful model for studies in the field of Neuroscience. However, a serious drawback in the molecular analysis of the nervous system of L. stagnalis has been the lack of large-scale genomic or neuronal transcriptome information, thereby limiting the use of this unique model. In this(More)
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