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Oesophageal epithelial cells from biopsies from normal patients showed the presence of randomly distributed anionic groups, mostly sialic acid on the cell membrane in fixed material shown by cationized ferritin. When biopsies were pulse labelled, patching occurred in all three cell layers. Patching was energy dependent and did not occur at 4 degrees C.(More)
Palabras clave: Tabebuia chrysantha, Phenax rugosus, extracto metanólico, extracto acuoso, hemograma, productos naturales. ABSTRACT In order to validate previous findings in ethnopharmacological studies, the effects on the hemogram of Wistar female rats after the oral administration of aqueous and methanolic extracts from Phenax rugosus (Poir.) Wedd and(More)
BACKGROUND Current techniques used to obtain lung samples have significant limitations and do not provide reproducible biomarkers of inflammation. We have developed a novel technique that allows multiple sampling methods from the same area (or multiple areas) of the lung under direct bronchoscopic vision. It allows collection of mucosal lining fluid and(More)
Oesophageal biopsies were obtained from 74 patinets undergoing upper gastrointestinal fibreoptic endoscopy. Thirteen patients with histological evidence of inflammation had a raised alkaline phosphatase activity (2.7 +/- 1.6 nmol/mg protein/min) compared with 49 normal controls (1.2 +/- 0.68 nmol/mg protein/min: P less than 0.001). The acid phosphatase(More)
The distribution of cations and anions in normal human oesophageal epithelium has been investigated with the pyroantimonate and silver-osmium tetroxide techniques. There is a discontinuous distribution of both ions in the intercellular space. The ions are associated with various organelles, as has already been described in the literature. Specifically, in(More)
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