GB Mills

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We have identified an integral membrane glycoprotein in rat liver that mediates adhesion of cultured hepatocytes on fibronectin substrata. The protein was isolated by affinity chromatography of detergent extracts on wheat germ lectin-Agarose followed by chromatography of the WGA binding fraction on fibronectin-Sepharose. The glycoprotein (AGp110), eluted at(More)
Apoptosis culminates in secondary necrosis due to lack of ATP. Cancer stem cells form spheres after apoptosis by evoking the blebbishield emergency program. Hence, determining how blebbishields avoid secondary necrosis is crucial. Here we demonstrate that N-Myc and VEGFR2 control transformation from blebbishields, during which oligomers of K-Ras, p27, BAD,(More)
BACKGROUND Expression of Rab25, which is located in the 1q amplicon present at high frequency in many cancer lineages, promotes cancer cell survival under multiple stress conditions. While Rab proteins play essential roles in all stages of vesicle trafficking, the functions and endogenous cargoes for Rab25 remain to be fully elucidated. Osteoprotegerin(More)
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