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A focusing reflectometer for measuring the optical constants of thin films by the (Rø) method is described. The focusing reflectometer has a larger effective aperture than typical planar reflectometers, and, unlike planar reflectometers, the illuminated area of the specimen is independent of the angle of incidence. The intensity of the incident light is not(More)
A determination of the optical constants of a bulk specimen may be made by measurement of the intensity reflected from the surface of the specimen for at least three angles of incidence. None of the incidence angles needs to be equal to 90 degrees , although when one is, this can be equivalent to the case when the incident intensity is measured. The(More)
This paper describes the design and performance of a self-contained mobile respiratory laboratory used for the carrying out of complex lung function tests in epidemiological studies of respiratory disease in industry. The laboratory is equipped to perform all conventional lung function tests other than those involving arterial puncture or radioactive(More)
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