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Radiative heat transfer of spherical particles mediated by fluctuation electromagnetic field
We calculate intensity of radiative heat transfer and radiative conductance in a system of two spherical particles embedded in equilibrium vacuum background (photon gas). The temperatures of the
Vacuum attraction, friction and heating of nanoparticles moving nearby a heated surface
We review the fluctuation electromagnetic theory of attraction, friction and heating of neutral nonmagnetic nanoparticles moving with constant velocity in close vicinity to the solid surface. The
Casimir-Polder force out of thermal equilibrium
We calculate equilibrium and nonequilibrium Casimir-Polder force felt by a small particle (an atom)near a flat substrate using the framework of fluctuation electrodynamics in configuration of a small
Fluctuation electromagnetic conservative -dissipative interaction and heating of two closely spaced parallel plates in relative motion. Nonrelativistic approximation.2
For the first time, we calculate the heating rate, attractive conservative and tangential dissipative fluctuation electromagnetic forces felt by a thick plate moving parallel to a closely spaced
Features of the fluctuation -electromagnetic interaction between a small conducting particle and polarizable medium
For the first time, new important features of the fluctuation electromagnetic interaction between a small conducting particle and a smooth surface of polarizable medium (both dielectric and metallic)
Features of the configurations"small particle -plate"and"plate -plate"in the theory of fluctuation electromagnetic interaction
It is shown that the limiting transition from the geometrical configuration"plate -plate"to configuration"small particle -plate"being frequently used in the theory of Lifshitz -Pitaevskii, is not