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Residual ethylene oxide in hollow-fiber dialyzers.
The deaeration and extraction kinetics of ethylene oxide (ETO) in hollow-fiber dialyzers were examined. The investigations showed that both deaeration and extraction can be described by two additiveExpand
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Polyetherimide: a new membrane-forming polymer for biomedical applications.
Membranes for biohybrid organs such as the biohybrid liver support system have to face 2 different environments, namely blood and tissue cells. Accordingly, the respective membrane surfaces must haveExpand
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Investigation of plasma protein adsorption on functionalized nanoparticles for application in apheresis.
Particles with specific ligands for the adsorption of plasma proteins can be used in therapeutic or preparative apheresis. The development of these particles may benefit from an improved knowledge ofExpand
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Focusing on membranes.
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Hollow-fiber dialyzers and their pyrogenicity testing by Limulus amebocyte lysate.
Aqueous extracts of cellulose hollow fibers (CHF) exhibit positive reactions in some Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) tests. However, in spite of LAL activity, the extracts produce no fever reaction inExpand
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Successful in vivo experiments in sheep using a new nonhydrolyzable enzyme reactor resistant against tryptic digestion.
Blockage of E-amino groups of asp-ase bound to cellulose by succinylation results in a greatly enhanced resistance against tryptic digestion by "plasma enzymes." Plasmapheresis in sheep by plasmaExpand
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