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Generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) using adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling
Abstract In the last few decades hydrologists have made tremendous progress in using dynamic simulation models for the analysis and understanding of hydrologic systems. However, predictions withExpand
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Summary of the Models and Methods for the FEHM Application-A Finite-Element Heat- and Mass-Transfer Code
The mathematical models and numerical methods employed by the FEHM application, a finite-element heat- and mass-transfer computer code that can simulate nonisothermal multiphase multi-component flowExpand
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User`s manual for the FEHM application -- A finite-element heat- and mass-transfer code
The use of this code is applicable to natural-state studies of geothermal systems and groundwater flow. A primary use of the FEHM application will be to assist in the understanding of flow fields andExpand
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Models and methods summary for the FEHMN application
This models and methods summary provides a detailed description of the mathematical models and numerical methods employed by the finite element heat and mass tranfer code (FEHMN) application.
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Hydrogeochemistry and gas compositions of the Uinta Basin: A regional-scale overview
The geochemistry of formation fluids (water and hydrocarbon gases) in the Uinta Basin, Utah, is evaluated at the regional scale based on fluid sampling and compilation of past records. The deepExpand
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CO2/Brine transport into shallow aquifers along fault zones.
Unintended release of CO(2) from carbon sequestration reservoirs poses a well-recognized risk to groundwater quality. Research has largely focused on in situ CO(2)-induced pH depression andExpand
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Users Manual for the FEHMN application
The user`s manual documents the use of the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Projects Finite element heat and mass transfer code (FEHMN) application. The manual covers: Program considerations,Expand
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The site-scale saturated zone flow model for Yucca Mountain: calibration of different conceptual models and their impact on flow paths.
This paper presents several different conceptual models of the Large Hydraulic Gradient (LHG) region north of Yucca Mountain and describes the impact of those models on groundwater flow near theExpand
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The saturated zone at Yucca Mountain: an overview of the characterization and assessment of the saturated zone as a barrier to potential radionuclide migration.
The US Department of Energy is pursuing Yucca Mountain, Nevada, for the development of a geologic repository for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste, if the repositoryExpand
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A new ghost-node method for linking different models and initial investigations of heterogeneity and nonmatching grids
A flexible, robust method for linking parent (regional-scale) and child (local-scale) grids of locally refined models that use different numerical methods is developed based on a new, iterativeExpand
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