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Measurement of the solar 8B neutrino rate with a liquid scintillator target and 3 MeV energy threshold in the Borexino detector
We report the measurement of {nu}-e elastic scattering from {sup 8}B solar neutrinos with 3 MeV energy threshold by the Borexino detector in Gran Sasso (Italy). The rate of solar neutrino-inducedExpand
Results on neutrinoless double-β decay of 76Ge from phase I of the GERDA experiment.
The results from phase I of the Germanium Detector Array (GERDA) experiment at the Gran Sasso Laboratory (Italy) searching for neutrinoless double beta decay of the isotope (76)Ge are reported. Expand
Final results of Borexino Phase-I on low-energy solar neutrino spectroscopy
Borexino has been running since May 2007 at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy with the primary goal of detecting solar neutrinos. The detector, a large, unsegmented liquidExpand
Neutrinos from the primary proton–proton fusion process in the Sun
Spectral observations of pp neutrinos are reported, demonstrating that about 99 per cent of the power of the Sun, 3.84 × 1033 ergs per second, is generated by the proton–proton fusion process. Expand
DarkSide-20k: A 20 tonne two-phase LAr TPC for direct dark matter detection at LNGS
Abstract.Building on the successful experience in operating the DarkSide-50 detector, the DarkSide Collaboration is going to construct DarkSide-20k, a direct WIMP search detector using a two-phaseExpand
Low-Mass Dark Matter Search with the DarkSide-50 Experiment.
We present the results of a search for dark matter weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) in the mass range below 20  GeV/c^{2} using a target of low-radioactivity argon with a 6786.0 kg dExpand
Observation of geo-neutrinos
Geo{neutrinos, electron anti{neutrinos produced in decays of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in the Earth, are a unique direct probe of our planet’s interior. We report the rst observationExpand
Direct measurement of the 7Be solar neutrino flux with 192 days of borexino data.
This result is the first direct measurement of the survival probability for solar nu(e) in the transition region between matter-enhanced and vacuum-driven oscillations and improves the experimental determination of the flux of 7Be, pp, and CNO solarnu(e), and the limit on the effective neutrino magnetic moment using solar neutrinos. Expand
Spectroscopy of geoneutrinos from 2056 days of Borexino data
We report an improved geoneutrino measurement with Borexino from 2056 days of data taking. The present exposure is (5.5±0.3)×1031  proton×yr. Assuming a chondritic Th/U mass ratio of 3.9, we obtainExpand
The Gerda experiment for the search of 0νββ decay in 76Ge
The Gerda collaboration is performing a search for neutrinoless double beta decay of 76Ge with the eponymous detector. The experiment has been installed and commissioned at the Laboratori NazionaliExpand