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The conservation status of the world's reptiles
The results provide the first analysis of the global conservation status and distribution patterns of reptiles and the threats affecting them, highlighting conservation priorities and knowledge gaps which need to be addressed urgently to ensure the continued survival of the world’s reptiles. Expand
The marine toad, Bufo marinus : a natural history resumé of native populations
In general, marine toads have one or two breeding seasons each year, apparently timed so metamorphosis occurs during periods of high humidity and prey abundance, and they have a broad temperature tolerance but have no or little control of water loss. Expand
Anuran locomotion--structure and function, 2: jumping performance of semiaquatic, terrestrial, and arboreal frogs
Both interand intraspecifically, large frogs jump farther than small ones; however, a comparison of relative ability shows small frogs to be the strongest jumpers. Expand
Age determination of loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta by incremental growth marks in the skeleton
Zug, George R., Addison H. Wynn, and Carol Ruckdeschel. Age Determination of Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta, by Incremental Growth Marks in the Skeleton. Smithsonian Contributions toExpand
Speciation and Dispersal in a Low Diversity Taxon: The Slender Geckos Hemiphyllodactylus (Reptilia, Gekkonidae)
Hemiphyllodactylus is a genus of small geckos occurring widely, although uncommonly seen, throughout the Indo-Pacific islands and South Asia. Expand
Anuran Locomotion: Structure and Function. I. Preliminary Observations on Relation between Jumping and Osteometrics of Appendicular and Postaxial Skeleton
By associating jumping abilities with proportions, several morphological and functional trends are disclosed and Notably, strong jumpers share a rectangular presacral platform, short forelimbs, large forefeet, short scapulae, long hindlimps, and tibiofibula longer than femur. Expand
Age and growth of Hawaiian green seaturtles (Chelonia mydas): An analysis based on skeletochronology
Skeletochronological data on growth changes in humerus diameter were used to estimate the age of Hawaiian green seaturtles ranging from 28.7 to 96.0 cm straight carapace length. Two age estimationExpand