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Non-Kähler string backgrounds and their five torsion classes
We discuss the mathematical properties of six-dimensional non-Kahler manifolds which occur in the context of N=1 supersymmetric heterotic and type IIA string compactifications with non-vanishingExpand
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Intersecting branes and a standard model realization in matrix models
We consider intersecting brane solutions of the type IIB matrix model. It is shown that fermionic zero-modes arise on such backgrounds, localized at the brane intersections. They lead to chiralExpand
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Dimensional reduction over fuzzy coset spaces
We examine gauge theories on Minkowski space-time times fuzzy coset spaces. This means that the extra space dimensions instead of being a continuous coset space S/R are a corresponding finite matrixExpand
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Coset space dimensional reduction of gauge theories
A very interesting approach in the attempts to unify all the interactions is to consider that a .unification takes place in higher than four dimensions. The most ambitious program based on the oldExpand
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Further all-loop results in softly-broken supersymmetric gauge theories
Abstract It is proven that the recently found, renormalization-group invariant sum rule for the soft scalar masses in softly-broken N =1 supersymmetric gauge-Yukawa unified theories can be extendedExpand
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Dynamical generation of fuzzy extra dimensions, dimensional reduction and symmetry breaking
We present a renormalizable 4-dimensional SU(N) gauge theory with a suitable multiplet of scalar fields, which dynamically develops extra dimensions in the form of a fuzzy sphere S 2 N . WeExpand
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On the fermion spectrum of spontaneously generated fuzzy extra dimensions with fluxes
We consider certain vacua of four-dimensional SU(N) gauge theory with the same field content as the N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, resulting from potentials which break the N = 4Expand
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Dimensional reduction of the heterotic string over nearly-Kähler manifolds
Our aim is to derive the effective action in four dimensions resulting by reducing dimensionally the ten-dimensional = 1 heterotic supergravity coupled to = 1 super Yang-Mills over manifoldsExpand
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Supersymmetric compactifications of heterotic strings with fluxes and condensates
Abstract We discuss supersymmetric compactifications of heterotic strings in the presence of H-flux and general condensates using the formalism of G -structures and intrinsic torsion. We revisit theExpand
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Dimensional reduction of ten-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories in the = 1, D = 4 superfield formalism
A ten-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theory is written in terms of = 1, D = 4 superfields. The theory is dimensionally reduced over six-dimensional coset spaces. We find that the resultingExpand
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