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Sediment Transport and Soil Detachment on Steep Slopes: I. Transport Capacity Estimation
Precise estimation of sediment transport capacity (T c ) is critical to the development of physically based erosion models. Few data are available for estimating T c on steep slopes. The objectivesExpand
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Detachment of Undisturbed Soil by Shallow Flow
portance of the roles played by raindrop impact and overland flow (Gilley and Finkner, 1985; Bradford et Quantification of soil detachment rates is necessary to establish a al., 1987), the effect ofExpand
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Effect of natural restoration time of abandoned farmland on soil detachment by overland flow in the Loess Plateau of China
Vegetation restoration has significant effects on soil properties and vegetation cover and thus affects soil detachment by overland flow. Few studies have been conducted to evaluate this effect inExpand
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Temporal variation in soil detachment under different land uses in the Loess Plateau of China.
Measurements of temporal variations in soil detachability under different land uses are badly needed to develop new algorithms or evaluate the existing ones for temporal adjustment of soilExpand
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Impact of Grass Root Mass Density on Soil Detachment Capacity by Concentrated Flow on Steep Slopes
Abstract. The effects of root systems on soil detachment, which are closely related to plant species and flow properties, are not well documented under a wide range of flow hydraulics. The objectiveExpand
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Correction factor to dye-measured flow velocity under varying water and sediment discharges
Summary Dye-tracing technique was a widely used method to determine the velocity of overland flow in soil erosion studies under both laboratory and field conditions. Few studies were performed toExpand
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Effects of Near Soil Surface Characteristics on Soil Detachment by Overland Flow in a Natural Succession Grassland
Vegetation restoration probably has great effects on the process of soil detachment. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of near soil surface characteristics on soil detachment byExpand
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Effects of sediment size on transport capacity of overland flow on steep slopes
Abstract Sediment transport capacity is a key concept in determining rates of detachment and deposition in process-based erosion models, yet limited studies have been conducted on steep slopes. WeExpand
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Facile functionalized of SBA-15 via a biomimetic coating and its application in efficient removal of uranium ions from aqueous solution.
A novel dopamine-functionalized mesoporous silica (DMS), synthesized by grafting dopamine onto a mesoporous molecular sieve (SBA-15), was developed as a sorbent to extract U(VI) from aqueousExpand
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