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Comparison of SDM and WDM on Direct and Indirect Optical Data Center Networks
We benchmark Data Centre topologies under SDM and WDM transport in terms of network capacity, utilization, blocking probability, cost and power consumption. SDM offers cost and power benefits thanExpand
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Resource Allocation for Space-Division Multiplexing: Optical White Box Versus Optical Black Box Networking
Elastic optical networking (EON) with space-division multiplexing (SDM) is the only evident long-term solution to the capacity needs of the future networks. The introduction of space via spatialExpand
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Cognitive optical networks: Need, requirements and architecture
This paper is proposing cognitive optical networks (COGNITION) as a new paradigm to address the increasing complexity of optical networks and provide an efficient autonomic as well as user-controlledExpand
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Archon: A Function Programmable Optical Interconnect Architecture for Transparent Intra and Inter Data Center SDM/TDM/WDM Networking
This paper reports all-optical, function programmable, transparent, intra- and inter-data center networking (DCN) using space and time-division multiplexing (SDM/TDM) within data centers andExpand
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Time shared optical network (TSON): A novel metro architecture for flexible multi-granular services
This paper presents the TSON metro mesh network architecture for guaranteed, statistically-multiplexed services. It proposes tunable time-wavelength assignment, one-way tree-based reservation andExpand
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Experimental demonstration of a gridless multi-granular optical network supporting flexible spectrum switching
A gridless dynamic multi-granular optical network supporting flexible spectrum allocation is proposed and experimentally demonstrated to efficiently accommodate high-speed traffic and increaseExpand
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High performance and flexible FPGA-based time shared optical network (TSON) metro node
The paper presents the architecture, implementation and evaluation of the flexible and finely granular Time Shared Optical Network metro node (TSON). The results show exceptional performance,Expand
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Hardware virtualized flexible network for wireless data-center optical interconnects [invited]
Future networks are set to provide a wide range of services over a multitude of technologies carrying a broad range of traffic profiles. The emerging mobile cloud computing applications are imposingExpand
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Field trial of a 1.5 Tb/s adaptive and gridless OXC supporting elastic 1000-fold all-optical bandwidth granularity.
An adaptive gridless OXC is implemented using a 3D-MEMS optical backplane plus optical modules (sub-systems) that provide elastic spectrum and time switching functionality. The OXC adapts itsExpand
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Gridless optical networking field trial: Flexible spectrum switching, defragmentation and transport of 10G/40G/100G/555G over 620-km field fiber
We report the first gridless networking field trial with flexible spectrum switching nodes over 620 km field fibre links. Successful transport, spectrum switching and defragmentation achieved forExpand
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