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Identification of anthocyanins in berries by narrow-bore high-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization detection.
Qualitative determination of anthocyanins in extracts of red fruits by narrow-bore HPLC/ESI-MS was carried out and allowed the identification of fourteenAnthocyanin identifications by using retention time data and UV-vis and mass spectra and comparing them with those of commercially available standard compounds.
Dynamic HPLC on chiral stationary phases: a powerful tool for the investigation of stereomutation processes.
Dynamic HPLC on enantioselective stationary phases has become a well-established technique to investigate chiral molecules with internal motions that result in stereoinversion and occur on the time
Studies on the essential oil‐bearing plants of Bangladesh. Part VIII. Composition of some Ocimum oils O. basilicum L. var. purpurascens; O. sanctum L. green; O. sanctum L. purple; O. americanum L.,
The essential oils of Ocimum basilicum L. var. purpurascens, O. sanctum L. green, O. sanctum L. purple, O. americanum L. (citral type) and, O. americanum L. (camphor type) obtained from plants grown
Prenylated isoflavonoids: Botanical distribution, structures, biological activities and biotechnological studies. An update (1995-2006).
This review deals with an update of the literature on isoprenylated isoflavonoids in the years 1995-2006 and is focused on the following highlights.
Anti-apoptotic activity of hydroxytyrosol and hydroxytyrosyl laurate.
Antioxidants in the prevention of UVB-induced keratynocyte apoptosis.