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Ion binding of cyclolinopeptide A: An nmr and CD conformational study
CD and nmr techniques have been used to study the ion‐complexing capability of Cyclolinopeptide A, endowed with remarkable cytoprotective ability in vitro, and the conformation of the Ba2+/ CLA complex. Expand
Synthesis of analogues of amaninamide, an amatoxin from the white Amanita virosa mushroom.
Analogs of amaninamide, due to the absence of a 6-hydroxy group in the tryptophan moiety, are more easily accessible by synthesis than derivatives of alpha-amanitin, and widely differing inhibitory activities on RNA polymerase II from calf thymus are listed. Expand
The effect of the chemical nature of the side chains of amatoxins in the inhibition of eukaryotic RNA polymerase B.
The inhibition constants (Ki) of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase B (or II) from calf thymus were measured for eight synthetically obtained bicyclic amanitin-like thioethers, two R-sulfoxides, and two S-sounds, and the R-diastereomer was found to be a stronger inhibitor than the S-form. Expand
S-deoxo-Abu1,Ile3-amaninamide, an inactive amatoxin analogue.
The title compound 3, an amatoxin analogue containing L-alpha-aminobutyric acid instead of L-asparagine in position 1, as in natural toad stool peptides, has been synthesized. It does not inhibit theExpand
Structure-toxicity relationships in the amatoxin series. Structural variations of side chain 3 and inhibition of RNA polymerase II.
Results point to the importance of a methyl group in (R)-configuration at the beta-C atom of side chain 3 of the diastereomeric S-deoxo-amaninamides. Expand
New antitumour cyclic astin analogues: synthesis, conformation and bioactivity
With the aim at improving the knowledge of the conformational properties influencing the bioactivity in this class of compounds, new astin‐related cyclopeptides were synthesized differing from the natural products by the presence of some non‐proteinogenic amino acid residues. Expand
Cyclols, cyclodepsipeptides, and N-acyl-diketopiperazines from linear precursors. Synthesis and crystal structure of 10-membered cyclodepsipeptides.
Two linear peptide precursors containing proline as C-terminal residue, have been synthesized and subjected to cyclizing conditions to investigate the relative formation tendency of different tautomeric ring systems. Expand
Analogs of amanin. Synthesis of Ile3-amaninamide and its diastereoisomeric (S)-sulfoxide.
Thioether 2 and sulfoxide 3-R exert 50% inhibition of RNA polymerase II from Drosophila melanogaster in 10(-6) M solution whereas Ki of 3-S is about five times higher. Expand