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Bloodstream infections in children with cancer: a multicentre surveillance study of the Italian Association of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology. Supportive Therapy Group-Infectious Diseases
A one-year prospective, multicentre surveillance study on aetiology, main clinical features and outcome of bloodstream infections in children with cancer was conducted in 18 paediatric haematologyExpand
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Fungal Infections in Children With Cancer: A Prospective, Multicenter Surveillance Study
Background: Data on epidemiology and survival after fungal infections in patients with cancer are primarily based on studies in adults, whereas few data are available on children. Methods: AExpand
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Outcome of children with neuroblastoma after progression or relapse. A retrospective study of the Italian neuroblastoma registry.
The Italian Neuroblastoma Registry was investigated to describe 781 children with neuroblastoma experiencing tumour recurrence (424 progressions and 357 relapses). Ten-year overall survival (OS) wasExpand
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Central Venous access Devices in Pediatric Malignancies: A Position Paper of Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Introduction Treatment of pediatric malignancies is becoming progressively more complex, implying the adoption of multimodal therapies. A reliable, long-lasting venous access represents one of theExpand
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Improved survival of children with neuroblastoma between 1979 and 2005: a report of the Italian Neuroblastoma Registry.
PURPOSE To describe treatment, clinical course, and survival of a cohort of Italian patients with neuroblastoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study includes data from 2,216 children (age 0 to 14 years)Expand
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A prospective, randomized study of empirical antifungal therapy for the treatment of chemotherapy‐induced febrile neutropenia in children
Given that the rationale for empirical antifungal therapy in neutropenic children is limited and based on adult patient data, we performed a prospective, randomized, controlled trial that evaluatedExpand
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Results of a prospective minimal disseminated disease study in human rhabdomyosarcoma using three different molecular markers
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) has 2 major histologic subtypes: alveolar (ARMS) and embryonal (ERMS). ARMS is more aggressive and prone to distant tumor dissemination, whereas ERMS tends to expand and recurExpand
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Deep sedation with propofol by nonanesthesiologists: a prospective pediatric experience.
BACKGROUND The need to perform procedural sedation for children has increased in recent years, and so has the experience of nonanesthesiologists in this field. The use of propofol increases theExpand
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Incidence of bacteremias and invasive mycoses in children with acute non‐lymphoblastic leukemia: Results from a multi‐center Italian study
Data on the epidemiology of bacteremias and invasive fungal diseases (IFD) in children with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are scarce.
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Multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in children undergoing chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one leading gram-negative organism associated with nosocomial infections. Bacteremia is life-threatening in the immunocompromised host. Increasing frequency ofExpand
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