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Role of gain of 12p in germ cell tumour development
Within the human testis, three entities of germ cell tumours are distinguished: the teratomas and yolk sac tumors of newborn and infants, the seminomas and nonseminomas of adolescents and youngExpand
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Tumour genomic and microenvironmental heterogeneity for integrated prediction of 5-year biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer: a retrospective cohort study.
BACKGROUND Clinical prognostic groupings for localised prostate cancers are imprecise, with 30-50% of patients recurring after image-guided radiotherapy or radical prostatectomy. We aimed to testExpand
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Expression profile of genes from 12p in testicular germ cell tumors of adolescents and adults associated with i(12p) and amplification at 12p11.2–p12.1
Gain of 12p material is invariably associated with testicular germ cell tumors (TGCTs) of adolescents and adults, most usually as an isochromosome 12p. We analyzed TGCTs with i(12p) using a globalExpand
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12p-Amplicon structure analysis in testicular germ cell tumors of adolescents and adults by array CGH
All invasive testicular germ cell tumors of adolescents and adults (TGCTs), that is, seminomas and nonseminomas, show gain of 12p sequences, mostly as isochromosomes. Although several candidate genesExpand
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Specific Knockdown of OCT4 in Human Embryonic Stem Cells by Inducible Short Hairpin RNA Interference
Manipulation of gene function in embryonic stem cells by either over expression or downregulation is critical for understanding their subsequent cell fate. We have developed a tetracycline‐inducibleExpand
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Pyrolysis of different biomass: Direct comparison among Posidonia Oceanica, Lacustrine Alga and White-Pine
Abstract An investigation on the feasibility of producing bio-oil and bio-char fuels from wood chips (White-Pine), a Mediterranean seaweed (Posidonia Oceanica) and a local freshwater alga (LacustrineExpand
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Defining minimum genomic regions of imbalance involved in testicular germ cell tumors of adolescents and adults through genome wide microarray analysis of cDNA clones
Identifying changes in DNA copy number can pinpoint genes that may be involved in tumor development. Here we have defined the smallest overlapping regions of imbalance (SORI) in testicular germ cellExpand
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Radiotherapy-induced miR-223 prevents relapse of breast cancer by targeting the EGF pathway
In breast cancer (BC) patients, local recurrences often arise in proximity of the surgical scar, suggesting that response to surgery may have a causative role. Radiotherapy (RT) after lumpectomyExpand
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HS5 of the human β‐globin locus control region: a developmental stage‐specific border in erythroid cells
Elements with insulator/border activity have been characterized most extensively in Drosophila melanogaster. In vertebrates, the first example of such an element was provided by a hypersensitive siteExpand
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The Role of SMAD4 in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Self‐Renewal and Stem Cell Fate
Transforming growth factor (TGF)‐β superfamily proteins play a key role in the regulation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). Those of the TGFβ/activin/nodal branch seem to support self‐renewalExpand
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