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A Pharmaceutical Perspective on Gorgonian:Chemistry and Bioactivity
Gorgonian is a rich source of bioactive substances with intriguing and unique structural feature as well as potential pharmaceutical applications The present paper reviews the latest progress in theExpand
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Chemical Studies on the South China Sea Stony Coral Tubastraea sp.
AIM: To study the chemical constituents of the stony coral Tubastraea sp.,aiming at searching for new bioactive substances.METHOD: The Et_(2)O extract of Tubastraea sp.was subjected to repeatedExpand
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Studies on Chemical Constituents of the Soft Coral Spongodes sp. from the South China Sea
AIM: To study the chemical constituents of soft coral Spongodes sp. aiming at searching for new bioactive substances. METHOD: The Et_(2)O extract of Spongodes sp. was subjected to repeated silica gelExpand
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Research eevelopment on chemically defensive substances of opisthobranch molluscs
Opisthobranchs are marine gastropod molluscs, the shell of which is either reduced or completely absent in the adults. Being loss of physical protection, the survival of opisthobranchs mainly reliesExpand
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Notice of RetractionThe Effect of Water Level on Microbial Activity and Active Organic Carbon under Calamagrostis angustifolia Marsh in Sanjiang Plain, China
Water plays a key role to sustain the stability of wetland and change of water level will influence soil microbial activity and plant growth. In order to investigate the response of abovegroundExpand
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Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Rhenium Coating in Iridium/Rhenium/Carbon-carbon Composites
Abstract Rhenium is a promising coating material for liquid rocket nozzles because of its extremely superior performance, such as high melting point, high temperature strength and excellent fatigueExpand
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Experimental Study on Reversible Acute Severe Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy in Piglet Model:Comparison of ADC Values with HSP 70
Objective:To study reversible cerebral ischemia regions of acute severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy(HIE) in piglet model by MRI ADC values and HSP 70.Methods:Seven days old piglets(n=45) wereExpand
Notice of RetractionField Simulation of Wastewater Treatment in Sanjiang Plain Mire Wetlands
The simulation study on the purification law of nitrogen(N) in Deyeuxia angustifolia, Carex lasiocarpa and Deyeuxia angustifolia-Carex lasiocarpa combined wetland systems in the Sanjiang Plain, ChinaExpand
The Heritabilization of Folk Culture:A Case Study of the Dong's Jisa Applying for Intangible Cultural Heritage
In the context of intangible cultural heritage protection,across the country,the heritabilization of folk culture becomes a trend.By the heritabilization,the value of culture would beExpand