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The chiral crown conformation in paddlewheel complexes.
Bimetallic paddlewheel complexes derived from imides of (S)-tert-leucine adopt 'chiral crown' configurations in which the four imide groups are projected in a chiral arrangement on one face, and theExpand
Silsesquioxane models for geminal silica surface silanol sites. A spectroscopic investigation of different types of silanols.
The incompletely condensed monosilylated silsesquioxanes (c-C5H9)7Si7O9(OSiRR'2)(OH)2 (SiRR'2 = SiMe3, SiMe2C(H)CH2, SiMePh2) were reacted with SiCl(4) in the presence of an amine which yielded theExpand
Methyl transfer from methylcobaloxime to (triphos)Ni(PPh(3)): relevance to the mechanism of acetyl coenzyme A synthase.
The zerovalent nickel complex, (triphos)Ni(PPh3), is quantitatively alkylated by a methylcobaloxime reagent. Independent chemical synthesis confirms the nickel-containing product as the cation,Expand
Abstract The structure of Bi 26 Mo 10 O 69 was solved using a combination of X-ray and neutron diffraction. The final refinement was completed using high resolution neutron powder diffraction in aExpand
Chiral crown conformation of Rh(2)(S-PTTL)(4): enantioselective cyclopropanation with alpha-alkyl-alpha-diazoesters.
Herein, we provide crystallographic and computational evidence that Hashimoto's Rh(2)(S-PTTL)(4) catalyst adopts a "chiral crown" conformation with a reactive chiral face and an unreactive achiralExpand
A photochemical synthesis of functionalized trans-cyclooctenes driven by metal complexation.
Described is a scalable procedure for driving photochemical sytheses of trans-cyclooctene derivatives through metal complexation. During photoirradiation, reaction mixtures are continuously pumpedExpand
Binding and activation of small molecules by three-coordinate Cr(I).
[(i-Pr2Ph)2nacnacCr]2(μ-η2:η2-N2) (2) has been prepared and structurally characterized; it contains a bridging side-on bonded dinitrogen ligand with a N−N distance of 1.249(5) A. Reactions of thisExpand
Expanding the Ligand Framework Diversity of Carbodicarbenes and Direct Detection of Boron Activation in the Methylation of Amines with CO2.
A simple and convergent synthetic strategy used to increase the diversity of the carbodicarbene ligand framework through incorporation of unsymmetrical pendant groups is reported. Structural analysisExpand
Targeted guanine oxidation by a dinuclear copper(II) complex at single stranded/double stranded DNA junctions.
A dinuclear copper(II) complex [Cu(II)2(PD'O-)(H2O)2](ClO4)3 (5) with terminal Cu(II)-H(2)O moieties and a Cu...Cu distance of 4.13 A (X-ray structure) has been synthesized and characterized by EPRExpand
Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of [Ir(ppy)2(vpy)Cl] as a polymer-bound oxygen sensor.
This study reports new luminescent oxygen sensors in which the luminophore is covalently bound to the polymer matrix and compares their behavior to related sensors in which the luminophore isExpand