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Time Course of Attentional Bias Components Toward Body-shape Related Pictures Among Women with Fat Negative Physical Self: An Eye Movement Study
Despite evidence indicating fatness and thinness information are processed differently among weight preoccupied and eating disordered individuals, the exact nature of these attentional biases is notExpand
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On the Zr-in-rutile and Ti-in-zircon geothermometers
The advents of Zr-in-rutile thermometer and Ti-in-zircon thermometer have prompted wide applications to petrological problems as well as ongoing tests of its validity.The thermometers have gainedExpand
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Origin of Datongxi pluton in the West Kunlun orogen:Constraints from mineralogy,elemental geochemistry and zircon U-Pb age
The Datongxi pluton outcropping in western part of the West Kunlun orogen,consisted of high-K calc-alkaline quartz diorite,quartz monzonite and granite.The quartz diorites contain abundant maficExpand
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Oral health survey and oral health questionnaire for high school students in Tibet, China
ObjectivesThe aim of this study is to identify the oral health status as well as oral health practices and access for care of graduating senior high school Tibetan students in Shannan prefecture ofExpand
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Origin of late Mesozoic intermediate- felsic volcanic rocks from the northern Da Hinggan Mountain, NE China.
Major, trace element and Sr-Nd isotope data of two types late Mesozoic intermediate-felsic volcanic rocks from the southern Da Hinggan Mountain, NE China are reported in this paper. One type isExpand
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Understanding Human Nature and Pursuing Harmony
George Eliot is a great novelist in the Victorian Age. This paper attempts to find the thesis of her autobio-graphical works and masterpiece──The Mill on the Floss, through analysis of itsExpand
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The Cognitive Bias in Food Cues for Restricted Eaters: Evidences from Behavioral and Neuropsychological Studies
Restricted eating refers to consistent,cognitively-mediated efforts to restrict eating for the purpose of weight control.Considerable study has indicated that restricted eaters have cognitive biasesExpand
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Cognitive Bias Toward Female Facial Attractiveness in Males: Evidences from An ERP Study
Facial attractiveness is of high importance for human interaction and communication (Joshua, Henderson, Jeremy, Anglin, 2003). Neuroimaging studies found several brain areas to be differentiallyExpand
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REE and its relation with the mineral fraction in a typical geographic landscape in Ganxian, Southern Jiangxi
Rare earth elements and its relation with the mineral fraction in a typical geographic landscape in the REE mining area in Ganxian, southern Jiangxi, were studied. The results showed that the REEExpand
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Urban Expressway Capacity Under Adverse Weather Conditions
Capacity is a very important parameter for traffic engineering.Under adverse weather conditions,capacity data are critical to traffic management.Based on the mass data stored in Shanghai UrbanExpand
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