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Concurrent induction of lymphangiogenesis, angiogenesis, and macrophage recruitment by vascular endothelial growth factor-C in melanoma.
Interactions of tumor cells with lymphatic vessels are of paramount importance for tumor progression, however, the underlying molecular mechanisms are poorly understood. Whereas enlarged lymphaticExpand
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A prospective trial of ionic vs nonionic contrast agents in routine clinical practice: comparison of adverse effects.
A multicenter study of adverse effects of ionic and nonionic contrast agents was conducted in three similar time periods. In 1985, before approval of the nonionic contrast agents by the Food and DrugExpand
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Assessment of cerebral perfusion and arterial anatomy in hyperacute stroke with three-dimensional functional CT: early clinical results.
PURPOSE Our purpose was to determine the clinical feasibility of quantitative three-dimensional functional CT in patients with hyperacute stroke. METHODS Twenty-two patients who underwentExpand
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Measurement of cerebral blood volume with subtraction three-dimensional functional CT.
PURPOSE To implement a three-dimensional subtraction functional CT technique to permit rapid quantitative mapping of regional cerebral blood volume (CBV). METHODS The 3-D functional CT techniqueExpand
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Cardiovascular toxicity and tissue proton T1 response to manganese injection in the dog and rabbit.
  • G. Wolf, L. Baum
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  • AJR. American journal of roentgenology
  • 1 July 1983
Paramagnetic substances that shorten proton T1 relaxation time have promise as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) contrast agents. The cardiovascular toxicity and tissue T1 response to 0.01-0.1 mM/kgExpand
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Temporal correlation mapping analysis of the hemodynamic penumbra in mutant mice deficient in endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene expression.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Mice containing deletions in the genes encoding nitric oxide (NO) synthase have been useful to dissect the role of NO in cerebral ischemia. We recently reported that miceExpand
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Relaxation of water protons in the intra‐ and extracellular regions of blood containing Gd(DTPA)
The magnetic field dependence of the longitudinal relaxation rates 1/T1 (NMRD profiles) of blood and plasma from rabbits before and after injection of Gd(DTPA) are reported as a function of magneticExpand
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CT visualization of blood pool in rats by using long-circulating, iodine-containing micelles.
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Small, long-circulating particulate carriers of contrast agents, such as micelles, are potentially useful in computed tomographic (CT) blood-pool imaging. AnExpand
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Applications of similarity mapping in dynamic MRI
Similarity mapping identifies regions in a dynamic image sequence according to their temporal similarity or dissimilarity with respect to a reference ROI. Expand
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Comparison of the rates of adverse drug reactions. Ionic contrast agents, ionic agents combined with steroids, and nonionic agents.
The influence of ionic agents alone, of diatrizoate plus two oral doses of methylprednisolone premedication, and of a nonionic agent (iohexol) upon the frequency and severity of adverse drugExpand
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