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The Politics of Ableism
Gregor Wolbring argues that the term ability should not be used just in relation to disabled people but understood in a broader cultural perspective, and proposes the need for a field of ability studies that examine ableism.
Voices of "Disabled" Post Secondary Students: Examining Higher Education "Disability" Policy Using an Ableism Lens
A comprehensive understanding of the experiences of post secondary students with diverse abilities is needed. The ways in which ‘disabled’ postsecondary students make meaning of their experiences in
Paralympics and Its Athletes Through the Lens of the New York Times
It is found that NYT coverage of the Paralympics and Paralympians is minimal and often portrays Paralympic athletes in stereotypical ways, such as being supercrips or suffering entities.
Enhancement of Cytokine Production and AP-1 Transcriptional Activity in T Cells by Thalidomide-Related Immunomodulatory Drugs
The data suggest that IMiDs increase T cell cytokine production by potentiating AP-1 transcriptional activity, which is currently being assessed in the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma and other cancers.
Expanding Ableism: Taking down the Ghettoization of Impact of Disability Studies Scholars
This paper highlights the utility of an expanded ableism concept beyond how it is used in disability studies; expanding the concept of ableism so it connects with all aspects of societies and making
Metagenomics of Hydrocarbon Resource Environments Indicates Aerobic Taxa and Genes to be Unexpectedly Common
Although HREs may have been strictly anaerobic and typically methanogenic for much of their history, this may not hold today for coal beds and for the Alberta oil sands, one of the largest remaining oil reservoirs in the world.
Inhibition of GTP-utilizing enzymes by tyrphostins.
Members of the tyrphostin family inhibit the GTPase activity of transducin and the enzymatic activities of other GTP-utilizing proteins in retinal rod outer segments, such as guanylyl cyclase or fructose-6-phosphate kinase.
Cognitive Enhancement: Perceptions Among Parents of Children with Disabilities
Empirical data of views of parents of children with and without cognitive disabilities and six primary overarching themes are presented: meanings of health and treatment; the role of medicine; harm; the ‘good’ parent; normality and self-perception; and ability.